Is it possible to build a house for 180,000 rubles?

The cost of building a cottage is quite high. Therefore, many investors are looking for a way to reduce investment costs. One of them may be the independent construction of the house by the economic management. With a large expenditure of their own labor, you can count on taking action appreciable savings. So, let’s see if it is possible to build a house with an attic (an area of ​​140 m2) for a state of development for 180,000 rubles?

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Assumptions, estimates

In the calculations we take into account the costs of building a small single-family house with an attic. Building area 85 m2. The house also has residential penthouses, so that the effective area is about 140 m2.

The house will have a simple lump, and the dwuspadową roof structure. The house has no garage. The main part of the construction work will be done independently. In the calculations we also take into account the cost of materials from the lower and intermediate price shelves. The cost of interior decoration of the house turnkey and landscaping the garden were not included.

Is it possible to build a house for 180,000 rubles?

Let’s see what was on the cost of building this house.

External building structure

This is a rather expensive construction stage, which absorbs the largest investment costs. It should be divided into several stages, which are:

Construction of the foundation – we Found the construction of typical strip foundations on przepuszczalnym surface. The foundation will have an area of ​​85 m2. We will use materials from the average price shelf, and we will do the work ourselves. The cost of the materials themselves will be about. 16 000 UAH

Bearing walls and partitions – work on the construction of walls should be trusted to more experienced professionals. Bearing walls (about 250 m2) will be made of the cheapest porotherm P + W 25 hollow blocks (their cost together with all other materials required for construction will average 36 UAH / m2). In turn, we shall construct partitions (with an area of ​​119 m2) of half-thin hollow porotherm P + 11.5 blocks (the total cost of materials in terms of 28 rubles / m2). Work, masonry also do it yourself. The total cost of materials will be about. 12 300 UAH

Is it possible to build a house for 180,000 rubles?

Chimneys – in a small private house there is a place for six szachtów chimneys and one chimney flue. For work we will use the cheapest building materials and this time we will remove an inexpensive team of specialists. The minimum cost of construction and finishing of pipes is 5 300 rubles.

Overlap and stairs – between the partner and the attic you need to make a reliable ceiling. Therefore, at this level, we decided to teriva 85 m2. Here, unfortunately, it does not happen without hiring a construction team, which will give us a final cost at the level of more than 27,000 rubles (of which 25,000 are materials, and only a little more than 2,000 UAH is repair).

Over the attic are used cheaper, the overlap is wooden. Its area will be about 60 m2, and the cost of the materials themselves will be about 14,500 rubles.

Facade – a significant expense will also be the building’s insulation. We assume that the surface for insulation is 170 m2. The works will be performed using relatively cheap expanded polystyrene with acrylic plaster. The minimum cost of materials (provided that we do the work ourselves) will be about 11,500 rubles.

The facade decoration was surrounded by our work on the construction of the building. The total cost of this stage of work took the lives of more than 87,000 rubles.

Roof construction

The roof is one of the most important structural elements of our house. Its main task is to protect the building from the effects of adverse weather conditions. It is worth investing in a reliable design, good quality coating and roof cladding. Therefore, in our calculations we take into account the cost of materials from the intermediate price shelf. This is the best compromise between an attractive price and quality.

Wooden roof construction – the total area of ​​the frame of the building with a built-up area of ​​85 m2 is approx. 127.5 m2. The cost of buying a soaked, straight bundle in this size, along with installation by specialists, is ok. 10 300 rubles.

Roof trimming – Choosing a modern roof membrane that is relatively easy to install. For all the material we pay only 500 rubles. We carry out the work ourselves, which will bring us significant savings.

Roof covering – the roof will be covered with standard metal tiles ((prices start at 45 rubles). We will have to pay for the materials approximately. UAH 5,700. We will do the installation ourselves, which will allow us to take additional savings measures.

Dormer windows and roof hatch – put 4 plastic dormer windows on the roof. The cost of buying products in the middle price range should not exceed 1,200 rubles / pcs. Thus, we will pay a little more than 4,500 rubles per set. In turn, a small roof hatch will be less expensive. We will pay for it with approx. 400 UAH These prices already include installation services.

Attic insulation – every attic utilities should be properly insulated. The easiest way to perform insulation of mineral wool. For materials of the average price range, we pay approx. 45 UAH / m2. Thus, materials for warming the walls and ends of our attic with an area of ​​119 m2 will cost 5,300 rubles. We carry out the work independently, saving also money.

Eaves Medalist – we assume that the surface of our tamping is 25 m2. The average cost of materials is 35 rubles / m2. We carry out work independently, thus saving more than 30 UAH / m2. The total cost of materials on the podbitkę cornice will be more than 800 rubles.

The total cost of building the roof was locked in the amount of 30 000 rubles. provided that everything except the assembly of the frame of the roof and the windows were done independently.

External carpentry

This is the last stage of the work, which will lead to the building in a raw state close. The cost of the product consists of buying windows, walls and exterior doors.

PVC windows, the house will be 34 m2 low cost PVC windows. The price should not exceed 10 000 rubles. Installation work is also worth trusting experts. With a cheap construction team, we will pay for the installation of 2000 rubles, but at least we will be sure that the work was carried out incorrectly.

Exterior doors – choose good quality steel doors. The average purchase price is 2 100 rubles. The price also includes the installation service.

The cost of outdoor joinery was 13 153 rubles.

Decorating the house to the state of development

Gender – Gender is another job that you can theoretically do on your own. On the first floor, the floor should be appropriately (floor on the ground), and therefore we are in a 15-centimeter layer of expanded polystyrene. On the floor, just a layer of 5 centimeters. Taking into account all the materials (waterproofing, foam plastic, film, szlichta cement – 5 cm), the cost of materials for both floors slightly exceeds 5,000 rubles.

Plaster – a lot of people are trying to put plaster on their own. True, reliable and, above all, in the amount of otynkowanie walls is quite a challenge, but not impossible. In the big house we will have more than 600 m2 of walls and ceilings for plastering. When using gypsum plaster, the total cost of materials should be closed in the amount of 8,000 rubles.

Window sills – one more expense will be buying window sills. Inside, we use inexpensive PVC window sills, outdoors, and aluminum. The purchase price after 15 mb will be just over 700 rubles. Installation, of course, we will carry out independently.

Wiring and water-sewer – electrical installation is a very sensitive system that must be performed within the appropriate specialist. True, stacking all communications independently oszczędzilibyśmy about 6000 rubles, but still it is worth using here with the help of a specialist. Thus, taking into account the cost of materials and assuming that there are 100 electric points in the house, the total cost will be at least 8,200 rubles.

It will be cheaper in the case of installing water supply. Having found a cheap frontal, we are able to go down to the level of 340-350 rubles per point. Assuming that the building will need at least 17 points, the cost of purchasing the necessary materials and their installation should not exceed 5800 rubles.

Heating is the most expensive position when finishing a building to a state of development. With the help of even the cheapest materials and inexpensive professionals, we will pay more than 24,000 rubles. In our estimate, we assume that we heat up the house with traditional radiators. The distribution of the installation of the house to the house, along with the purchase of radiators and the salary of specialists, will cost us at least 13,000 rubles. The purchase of a cheap gas boiler with all the equipment necessary for the boiler room (drivers, tray, system pipe, a set of pipes and pumps) for heating the house is an expense of more than 9,000 rubles. Not do without professional installation – the cost of the next 2000 UAH.

In general, finishing the house from a raw state close to the state of development cost us about 50,000 rubles. It should be borne in mind that we carried out almost all the work ourselves.

The cost of construction in the state of development amounted to just over 180,000 rubles. A detailed list of all estimate items can be found by clicking on the link below.