The cost of building energy-efficient homes 2016

Building an energy-efficient home is not only a tribute to fashion, but also to reducing the cost of building maintenance. A few years ago, the price differences between the construction of energy-efficient homes, and the traditional accounted for about 40%. However, every year this difference decreases. How much does it cost to build an energy efficient house in 2016? And what does the relationship between the cost of building energy-efficient and traditional houses look like? We will answer these questions in our simulation documentation.

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Preliminary Assumptions for Evaluating an Energy Saving Home

The cost of building an energy efficient home can be very diverse. It all depends on the volume, type of materials used, as well as the characteristics of the roof. In our calculations, we determine the cost of building a typical one-story house with an attic with a built-up area of ​​115 m2. The roof will have a classic, dwuspadową character, and it will be equipped with one lukarnę.

Costs before the start of construction

According to current standards, the demand for heat in energy-saving houses cannot exceed 45 kWh / m2. To get this result, we must take care not only of the correct location of the building, but also the right design, proven experts and high-quality heat-insulating materials.

The cost of building energy-efficient homes 2016

The first expense will be the purchase of a construction project. The cost of a finished project of an energy-efficient house is no different from the costs that need to be spent on the purchase of a finished project of a traditional house. The big competition in the market has led to the fact that the average price, good quality of the project is about 3,000 rubles. Interestingly, at such a price nabędziemy is a ready-made project of an energy-efficient house, containing the exact design of a recovery system. We must, however, remember that all changes in the finished project will be quite expensive. Therefore, some investors immediately decide to purchase an individual project. The average purchase price in the case of energy-efficient homes ranges between 5,000 and even 20,000 rubles.

It is worth noting at the same time that many companies offer a project at home for free if you decide on their production. Often these proposals concern prefabricated houses – the musculoskeletal system. Such a house can float freely and even for two weeks (not counting the pouring of the foundation slab, which should have a couple of weeks for draining). The prices of such houses with energy saving parameters are very close to those of traditional houses. If you want to get a quote for the construction of such a house, fill out this form.

In 2015, there was an amendment to the Construction Law (dz. U. From 2013. pos. 1409 as amended. Zm). In this regard, the investor should not receive a building permit. They also refused to obtain the conditions for installing and connecting media. The investor should only report the intention to build to the appropriate state authority, and submit a construction project. Due to this, no additional investment costs are required at this stage.

It is also worth mentioning that for the construction of an energy-efficient house you can get a surcharge – check here for details.

Zero state of energy efficient home

Construction begins with the manufacture of the foundation. First we need to clear the area for construction, and outline the location of our building. Then we begin work on the foundation. In Poland, the traditional strip foundation is most often carried out (cost approx. 130 UAH / m2).

The cost of building energy-efficient homes 2016

Unfortunately, this kind of decision makes great difficulties in the insulation of our house. Therefore, in the projects of energy-saving houses often use base plates, the installation of which is relatively simple. On the prepared base we create a layer of drenażowo – painting, and then we make a disc with a rail. An important stage of the work is also the creation of hermetic insulation and waterproofing. Extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) should be used to get a good termoizolacyjny effect. The product is slightly more expensive than EPS foam, however, it provides reliable przeciwwilgociową protection and has the best thermal insulation properties.

The cost of building an energy-efficient house is about 20-30% higher than in the case of a house built according to traditional technology. Remember that the best thermal insulation effects will be achieved through good insulation of the floor on the ground, as well as external and internal insulation of the foundation walls. Thus, we limit the possibility of cold bridges. Some investors still refuse to insulate the basement walls internally (due to slightly lower costs), but such an action can significantly increase the energy needs of the building.

The estimated cost of the foundation plate and good thermal insulation quality (on both sides of the basement walls) cost about 180 rubles / m2. We found here the purchase of materials of the upper price segment and the work of proven experts.

The prices of energy-efficient houses at the stage of zero construction of foundations, walls, foundations, as well as the performance of complete thermal insulation and waterproofing were

Traditional houses – 14 950 rub.
Energy-saving homes -20 700 rubles.
How much does it cost to build an energy efficient, raw open house?

At this stage of work, load-bearing walls, partitions, floors, wooden roof, chimney and roof construction arise. Selected investment costs are as follows.

Bearing walls – we assume that for each m2 of the usable area of ​​the house there is 1.45 m, 2 bearing walls. In our case it will be 297.25 m2. We use Porotherm P + W 25 hollow ceramic blocks (this is currently the most commonly used building material) to perform the supporting walls. For the work we use a specialized team from the middle shelf. The total cost of the supporting walls will be approx. 26 350 UAH. At this stage, the cost of building an energy efficient house is the same as the cost of building a traditional house.

Partitions – we assume that for each m2 of the usable area of ​​the house there are 0.7 m2 of partitions. Thus, the total area of ​​partitions in our house is 143.5 m2. For work, we will invite a proven, inexpensive brigade and will use porotherm P + 11.5 hollow ceramic blocks. Approximate prices of energy-saving houses at this stage of work fluctuate around 8,660 rubles.

Chimneys – wanting to calculate how much the construction of an energy-efficient house differs from the traditional one, we must also take into account the differences in the cost of manufacturing chimneys. In the house of traditional use of gravity ventilation, so we must install at least 6 flue pipes of ventilation (average cost is $ 2 480 with decoration). We install rekuperacje in an energy efficient house, so chimneys and ventilation ducts are not needed. The only expense will be the chimney, which will raise our investment costs by an additional 4,069 rubles. (along with trim).

Overlap – single storey houses with an attic, we mainly produce teriva ceilings from prefabs. Their value is equal to the usable floor space of the attic (in our house is 90 m2). We found the purchase of materials of the average price range and the rental of low-cost team. Under such assumptions, the cost of work will reach 31,600 rubles. It should be noted that the prices for floors will be the same as in the case of a traditional house.

Конструкция крыши – площадь нашей крыши составляет 135 м2. В первую очередь определим стоимость изготовления каркаса. Стоит инвестировать в хорошую качественно каркаса, изготовленная из пропитанного дуба. Средняя стоимость покупки и монтажа должен закрыться в сумме 10 931 руб. После установки лаг нужно выполнять хорошо, качественно облицовка. Выбираем папу на дощатом настиле, который обеспечит наилучшую защиту przeciwwilgociową. Стоимость материалов и монтажа не должна превышать сумму 7 555 рублей. В конце необходимо еще выполнить кровельное покрытие и lukarnę. В домах обычных, как облицовка может нам послужить экономическая blacho плитка (стоимость ок. 11 550 руб.). Вспомним, однако, что это не материал о свойствах теплоизоляции. Поэтому энергосберегающие дома совпадает чаще всего черепицей керамической. За материалы среднего ценового диапазона и проверенных специалистов, мы заплатим в этом случае ок. 14 300 рублей. Стоимость мансардного окна в обоих случаях будет одинаковым и составит около. 1 500 грн.

The cost of bringing the property to a raw open state amounted to

Traditional houses – 107 690 rubles.
Energy saving houses – 107 960 rub.
Comparing how much the construction of an energy-efficient house differs from that of a traditional one, we see that the execution of general construction works creates almost the same costs. The increase in the cost of roofing material in the energy-efficient house was compensated by the lack of the need for chimneys and ventilation ducts.

Severe closed condition

How much is the construction of energy-efficient homes? Look at the cost of such installations as the fotowoltaniczne link or whether the heat pump At this stage, windows, window sills and external doors are installed. Accept that for every 1 m2 of usable floor space accounts for approx. 0.25 m2 window surface. Remember that energy-efficient homes should be equipped with heat permeability windows below 0.8 V / m2. The glass of such windows consists of three window panes, separated by a frame with a sleeve. The free space will be filled with noble gases, which provide greater thermal insulation properties. Unfortunately, this kind of windows are quite expensive. The average cost of 1m2 energy-saving, sześciokomorowego PVC windows is approx. 600 UAH In our house we have to mount 41 m2 of windows, which gives us the amount of 24,600 rubles.

Wanting to determine how much the construction of an energy-efficient house differs from the traditional one, we must also indicate the cost of buying and installing interior doors. In an energy efficient house, it is necessary to invest in thick doors (preferably steel), which are characterized by high tightness. For the product from the top shelf, we will pay well. 2 560 rub (price with installation). Meanwhile, in an energy efficient house, a fairly standard door will be approx. 500 rubles cheaper.

The last expense will be the insertion of window sills, external and internal (total area 61.50 mb). In the interior, we put PVC window sills, and the outside is well, qualitatively aluminum window sills. The cost of the purchase and installation should be closed in the amount of 5 500 rubles.

How much more expensive will it be, why are energy-efficient homes? The prices of the works submitting the building to a damp closed state are:

Traditional houses – 24 060 rub.
Energy saving houses – 32 660 rub.
Installation cost in an energy efficient home

Analyzing the above calculations, one would assume that the cost of building an energy efficient house is almost the same as the cost of building a traditional house. However, the biggest disproportion in investment occurs only at the stage of installation. We will divide this stage of our calculations into two parts:

Installations are standard, that is, those that can be installed in any private house.

electrician – in a typical residential building with a building area of ​​115 m2 will be approx. 150 points of the electrical network. Rent a proven specialist who will use materials from the average price shelf will pay well. 14 230 rubles.
installation of water supply and sanitary – we assume that there are 17 installation points in the house. The average cost of performing one approach is approx. 403 rub. (along with the material). Thus, everything closes in the amount of 6,851 rubles.
heating – the cost of building an energy-efficient home consists of buying an efficient heat pump. In a residential building with a building area of ​​115 m2, it is necessary to install a device with a capacity of 8.5 kW. With a heat pump with an internal tray, a vertical collector and full equipment, you have to pay about. 42 000 rubles. In the case of a traditional house, prices for heating systems will be slightly lower. For a complete installation of what is a gas boiler and an additional zapłacilibyśmy approx. 36 300 rubles.
Installation of additional – ie, those that are necessary or recommended for installation in energy-efficient homes. In our private house install.

The recovery system is another kind of mechanical ventilation nawiewowa with heat recovery. Can significantly reduce the house’s need for thermal energy, and its installation in the house energy saving is necessary because of the requirements of the legislation. The average cost of the entire system (with a certified heat exchanger with a slotted heat exchanger and complete accessories) is 25,000 rubles.
Photo cells – in our home energy-saving install polikrystaliczne solar batteries with a capacity of 3 kW peak. The whole installation will include 12 solar panels, an inverter and additional equipment. The links will work in the on grid system. For a good quality, certified installation, we pay a total of approx. 26 500 UAH
The total cost of the installation was locked in size:

Traditional houses – 57 381 rub.
Energy saving houses – 114 581 rub.

How much does it cost to build an energy efficient house – building insulation

Calculating how much a house is economical, we must remember about the costs of warming the attic, attic and the outer facade of the building. The cost of this kind of work will be more than in the case of traditional houses. Differences arise from the need to use better materials (for example, foam with a very low lambda coefficient) and the employment of skilled workers. Remember that effective warming is possible only when we eliminate all possible cold bridges. Even a small bridge can significantly increase the energy needs of our building. The cost of professional warming is formed as follows:

The diameter of the facade – we assume that the total area of ​​our external facade is 225 m2. For work, we use graphite foam plastic with a thickness of 20 cm, we will perform work with a light wet method, and apply standard acrylic plaster on the facades. To work, we will invite proven professionals who will give us a guarantee of high quality. The total cost of this stage of work should be closed in the amount of 35,000 rubles. The house is quite traditional use of polystyrene medium price range and the employment of an inexpensive team. The cost will be in this case approx. 27 000 rub.

Attic insulation – the total area for insulation is 126 m2. To work in an energy-efficient house, we use the best quality mineral wool, as well as rent proven experts. The cost should not exceed 18 500 rubles. In turn, the cost of warming the attic in a traditional house (materials and labor from an average shelf) is an expense of about 11,800 rubles.

Total warming prices are:

Traditional houses -38 800 rub.
Energy saving houses – 53 500 rub.
Energy saving houses – the prices for which they can be built.

Wanting to calculate how much the construction of an energy-efficient house differs from the traditional one, we took into account all the main construction costs. Prices ranged on gross value. The total cost is:

Energy saving houses– 329 401 rub.
Traditional houses – 242 881 rubles.
The price difference between buildings in the same dimensions is quite large and amounts to more than 86,000 rubles. The construction of the house itself and its insulation did not constitute too much of a cost differentiation. But an energy-efficient house should be equipped with additional installations, which still represent a fairly large expense, and for most of them we do not own any funding from public funds.

Analyzing the above calculations, note that the calculations do not include the cost of finishing and equipment of the premises. For such expenses, you will need to spend another 100 000 rubles.

It is worth noting, however, that by choosing, for example, the prefab house of the muscular system and discarding several technical elements (for example, a heat pump), we can reduce the cost of building an energy-efficient house to the price of an ordinary brick house. Currently, several companies in the Polish market are engaged in prefabricated houses that offer truly competitive financial conditions, often the cost of building an energy efficient house is similar or even lower than traditional technology houses. Prior to this, construction takes no more than 2 months. If you want to contact this “company”, fill out this form, you will receive a unique offer intended for customers, Construction Calculators.